The Shadow

The Shadow

They dropped me down a valley steep,
From tower bright to dungeon deep,
And waiting in that shattered pride,
Reflections of a suicide.

I sat in cold — I sat in fear,
Of evils far and dangers near,
But knowing not which way to go,
With pupils wide, I sat alone.

A heavy smoke hung over me,
With not but shapes of soot to see,
Then darker wisps — the darkest yet,
Became the Shadowed One I met.

And strange, The Figure’s image fair,
Made night seem daylight by compare,
A shadow formed from shadow’s shade,
The darkness died; The Shadow stayed.

Then in the chaos of a storm,
The Shadow took a female form,
With beauty like a widow’s sigh,
Her melancholy made me cry.

Although her eyes had fire inside,
It seemed a part of her had died,
But while she spoke with words unsaid,
I didn’t think The Lady dead.

Then reaching out to take my hand,
Her smile sweet, and sad, and grande,
As if that sadness was a sign,
The Shadow’s lips appeared divine.

Then with a kiss she told me this,
Her only want was for my bliss,
She vowed to lead me from despair,
But for herself, she had no care.

With selfless passion on her face,
She pulled me from that wicked place,
And though she brought me into light,
The Shadow Girl still stands in night.

She fights my darkness from the Din,
Depression worn like second skin,
In giving all herself for mine,
The Shadow finds a way to shine.



Copyright 2017 by Mat Varpness
This work of literary art may not be reproduced in part or whole for any reason what-so-ever in any digital or physical fashion without the expressed permission of the publisher.