I Will Hold You

I Will Hold You

In the cold mountain air, under shadows of pine,
By a bright morning fire — from an earthly recline,
With my arm ‘round your waist and your hand safe in mine,
          This is how I will hold you.

Surrounded by billowing clouds cloaked in black,
While violet vines split the sky with a crack,
And a river of rainfall soaks into my back,
          This is where I will hold you.

As we’re lost in a field of les fleurs balnéaires,
And a perfect one I pick to place in your hair,
Then caressing the face to whom none will compare,
          This is when I will hold you.

In the darkness of night — our toes touching in sand,
With a wisp in the wind while the waves crash the land,
And the stars that align say I’m yours to command,
          This is why I will hold you.

‘Till the sun smolders out of the sky with a hiss,
And the moon plunges into the ocean’s abyss,
And all of our lives are as lost as your kiss,
          This is how long
                                                 I will hold you.

Copyright © 2018 Mat Varpness. All Rights Reserved.