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Consumer Reports Thinks It Can Do Science Now

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Bendgate_BeckhamIn the wake of all the excitement over the iPhone 6 “Bendgate” in which many claim the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are bending more easily than other phones, Consumer Reports took it upon themselves to put this claim to the test. Using a ““three-point flexural test,” Consumer Reports tested six different brands and models of phones to determine a winner. According to Consumer Reports, this claim is apparently “debunked,” even though it took half as much pressure to break an Apple iPhone 6 as it did on a Samsung Note 3: half as much pressure. Apparently, according to Consumer Reports, that’s considered a victory for Apple. In addition, the sample for each “test” was 1. You know, when scientists do experiments to prove things, they test many, many “samples” in order to verify their results over an average. You know, one particular phone could have had a flaw making it weaker than normal. Consumer Reports didn’t feel this important element of science was necessary to publish their definitive results, though they had no problem mocking anecdotal evidence from YouTube vloggers in the same article.

Welcome Back…

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It has been a long time, but is back! I’m ready to bring you the amazing stories, poetry, wit, and wisdom you’ve come to know and hate.